Photovoltaics with Water-Cooled Systems - eQuest

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I added a photovoltaic (PV) generator to my eQuest model, and noticed my space cooling energy and heat rejection energy increased slightly.  The model uses water-cooled chillers with a cooling tower loop.  Digging into the PS-H reports, I see that the condenser water load nearly doubles when the PV generator is added.

I created some completely new eQuest dummy models to test this, and with a water-cooled chiller, adding a PV generator always produces small increases space cooling and heat rejection energy, with the most noteworthy difference being the large increase in condenser water load shown in PS-H.

I made test models with DX air-side systems, and with air-cooled chillers, and found there is no increase in space cooling energy or heat rejection energy when I add a PV generator.

I am confident PV is working correctly: it shows up properly in PS-C reports and in the utility bills report.

Has anyone else experienced this and determined whether this might be a bug in the eQuest program?  I am using 3.65 build 7163.

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