VRF/VRV PowerPoint on Modeling and water cooled VRV modeling!

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Dear all,
I am trying to model a water-cooled VRV using equest. When use the approach in the PowerPoint I have met several problems:
1) if select condenser loop/water cooled as condenser type and PVVT as airside system I feel uncertain to choose which one as the EIR curve. Is PVVT-Cool-EIR-Fewb&OAT suitable to be used in this situation?
2) the system heating source is heat pump and condenser loop is WLHP with a boiler and cooling tower to realize water-cooled VRV(heating and cooling system), I find there are no space heating and very little energy rejection in the simulation result. The reason I guess maybe heating doesn't work. Anyone who has modeled a water-cooled VRV? I want to know what your method and how do you consider the model results with the real system?
Waiting for your responses!

Jenny Z.

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