LS-C Roof load? / OA Ventilation load?

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The LS-C report is not showing roof load. How can we get the roof load
from the report?.

Also where we can find out the total/peak ventilation load?



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If there is an unconditioned plenum/attic above the space then heat gain into the space will be through internal surface conduction (ceiling of the space into the floor of the attic/plenum).

That appears to also be zero for this space might need to elaborate on how this space is configured as far as how the roof is connected or not connected to the space.

eQUEST doesn't directly report a ventilation load, the reports are only for loads placed on AHU coils. There are some messages in the archive that discuss different approaches to quantifying that number.


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I use to run into this problem. I now always make my ceiling and roof
heights the same on the top floor (if it is a flat roof) so I don't end
up with a plenum.

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