Peak Loads: PS-E and SS-J and LS-C

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Hi all,

I am interested in determining Peak Cooling reductions (in KW) associated with a window retrofit. I don't have all of the HVAC information, so I am hoping to show the space-level savings (instead of system- or plant-level). I'm trying to figure out which report I can pull Peak Cooling Load- so far looking through the archives and LS-C seems most appropriate. Since I want to ignore the system and plant and only look at the impact of the windows on the building space load, is this the right place to pull peak load from?


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LS-B will give you the heating and cooling peak load for individual spaces.
LS-C will give you the same information, but for the entire building.
Eddie Corwin

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To add to Eddie?s comment, the LS-B report shows the space peak loads by component. So you can look at the window glass + frame conduction load and the window glass solar load independently.


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