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Hi there,

We have 2 buildings in the model. Building A ? which is more complex with
gym, kitchen, lounge, offices, classrooms et al seems to be fine. However
Building B, a simpler 3-storey elongated residential building (added later)
seems faulty. We are not getting any BDL errors, but the simulation file
shows that it shows ZERO heat loss for some of its zones... This is
perplexing to us as we have done, redone it a million times. Tried
everything we could think of, but the problem persists. We would love to
see what wrong we are doing. Any input and/or help will be much appreciated.


*Sat Singh*

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Mr Singh,

For help on diagnosing model problems, you'll need to post your .inp & .pd2
files for the rest of us to be able to see what's going on.


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Are these internal zones? If so - it might not be out of the question that there is no heat loss. Are you looking at the appropriate LS report?

Vikram Sami, LEED AP BD+C

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LS-B gives you the peak space load, excluding OA.
LS-E gives you the space monthly loads, excluding OA.

Interior spaces, without exterior walls, roof,
floor, will only have internal loads - occupants, lights, equipment.

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according to the "detailed simulation reports summary.pdf" the sv-a
report for cooling capacity in kbtuh/hr is at ARI conditions. does
anyone know if this is the same for the maximum cooling load in the ss-a
report & ss-j report?

report samples attached.

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