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Hi All,

I have a building, a YWCA in Canada, in which there are spaces in which
no air is supplied to the space, but air is exhausted. These spaces
consist of transitional units, a lounge, a kitchen and storage (which
contain operable windows). I am simulating the building model using
eQUEST, and as every space requires a zone, and every zone needs to be
covered under an HVAC system, I have created unit ventilators for these
spaces/zones applying the exhaust air for each of the zones as the
assigned flow for each unit ventilator.

Now, for LEED purposes should I be removing the energy the unit
ventilators consume for both the proposed and reference case. Or, should
I be including it in the proposed case, and creating a single zone HVAC
system for the reference case?

Thanks for any help, it is most appreciated,

Patrick Darby, BScE

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