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Hello - I cannot seem to reconcile the demand and consumption (together) of
a 20 yr old, 4 story office building with a dysfunctional AC-only RTU and 36
VAV's with electric reheat coils. I can get the peak demand curves close,
but the consequence is a significant reduction in kWh consumption and visa
versa. Any help is appreciated. Files and reconciliation curves attached.
Thank you!!


- OSA dampers are closed continually

- Compressors are cycling on for 4-5 min, then off for 2-3 min,
then back on, this goes on 24/7 with a 1 hr shutdown at midnight

- SF & RF's running 23/7 (1 hr shutdown at midnight)

- SF, RF and relief fans are all on VFD's; relief fan did not
activate during 2 weeks of data logging

- I modeled building zones, but only 1 re-heat - did not model 36
VAV's separately (would this create the peak demand problem?) thinking the
thermal difference would be negligible

Jim Fowler, PE, CEA

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