Mismatch in System capacity with Coil Loads

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Hello fellow Doe-2 users,

I am working on an ASHRAE baseline model for a Standard office building
with System 8 (VAV with PFP boxes). I have a fundamental question regarding
the building peak loads (SS-D) report not matching with the total of all
the System Design reports (SV-A). My total capacity as per SV-A for the
whole building is 524 tons, whereas SS-D reports only 275 tons. My question
is what is causing such a huge difference between the coil loads and the
final system capacity? I cant understand what load is the SV-A considering
beyond what shown in SS-D? I have auto-sized the cooling at 1.15 as per
ASHRAE baseline but this doesn't explain the discrepancy? Please find
attached the .inp, .pd2 and TMY3 files.

Can any fellow DOE-2 users help me with this?

*Sriranjani Ramachandran*

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