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Hello All,
I am modeling solar PV system and combined heat & power (CHP) in the attached model. I have assigned electric meter to the solar PV system, electric meter to the excess of the solar PV system production and electric meter to the CHP. I have also assigned a fuel meter to the CHP.?
When I run the simulation and go to the simulation report PS-B I find that all these meters have zeros for all the months. Also in report PS-C, there are zeros for the solar system and the CHP productions. However, when I assign the eQUEST default electric meter EM1 to the solar PV system and the default EM1 and FM1 to the CHP, I get the production of electricity in report PS-C for both the solar PV system and the CHP.
Can anybody help me out and let me know why I am getting zeros when I assign meters other than the eQUEST default meters? The files of this model are attached for your review if you have time.
Thank you very much for the help.

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EM-2 and -4 are utility meters.?? That is telling eQUEST to have the generators cover the loads on these meters ... except there are no loads.?

Try changing those to Electric-sale meters if you want all power to go to the grid rather than being used in the building.??

Note that the PS-C and PS-H reports for the generators will show you their output. Also note that for the CHP you will see electrical loads like lighting on your fuel meter.? This is the fuel used in the generator to produce electricity used for lighting etc.? I find submeters helpful in this scenario so I can still report the total lighting load.

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