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You need a new shell each time the footprint changes. So as per your email floors 1-10 will be one shell??and 11-20 another and so on. You simply have to position the shell with floors 11-20 on top of the previous shell. Make sure to select "immediately above" for the field "Position this shell" on?screen 1 of the DD wizard, assuming you are still in the wizard mode.

As for drawing the footprints, for each shell you need to draw the footprint only once and then?enable floor multipliers , which is also on screen 1?provided you select the mid-rise or high-rise office as building type. so no need to draw 10 floors if 1-10 are the same size.

Hope this gets you going


Ranojoy Dutta | Energy Analyst | Tempe , AZ

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Thank for sharing the procedure for constructing multi shell.
I am also very new to e-quest and just started using last week.
I am doing modeling for 3 storey office building using DD wizard.
Since The rooftop is flat, I would like to add on addition viewing gallery
at the corner of the rooftop.
I added in a new shell selecting immediately above function.
Unfortunately, viewing gallery sits on the middle of the rooftop.
I used the " specify exact coordinate" function too.
Can anyone advise me how to locate the new shell at the corner of the
building which I highlight in red circle in the attached file.
Thank in advance,
Aung Myat

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Hello Aung:
Remember that eQuest/DOE-2 always sets the?origin of ANY shell, space, or wall at the lower left hand corner of the object. You need to be X, Y, and Z away from the lower left hand corner of the just below shell.to your new space.
If you will send your .INP and .PD2 files, one of the treamof experts can set it up for you.
John R. Aulbach, PE
Los Angeles, CA

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Hi John,
thank for the advice. I had used the coordinate too. seems it does not
work. attached here with .inp and .pd2 files

The size of viewing gallery is ( 19.68 x 36 x 16.9) ft3
Location is at the right corner which is attached.

Aung Myat

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