E Quest Modeling Exterior Lights

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Does anyone know how to model a specific wattage (1200 KW) per a month for a four month period (Dec.to March.) in E-quest under Exterior Lights?


Thanks in Advance!

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This actually isn't too difficult, just a matter of understanding schedule:


  1. Set up DHW in the DD wizard (on for all months of the year)
  2. Then, go to detailed mode, and create/copy a daily fraction schedule with all hours zero
  3. Create a weekly schedule with all days using the previous made schedule
  4. Edit the annual ext ltg schedule and set the months that you want to be off using the previous weekly schedule
  5. Don't forget to go to the Utility/Economics module and select the electric meter and check out the  "direct loads" tab to verify that you have the correct maximum wattage.

I hope that solves the dilemma.

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