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I am have problems daylighting my model with skylights.

It seem like equest wants to only daylight using windows. However my
model is using primarily skylights. In my core space I am getting error


A daylighting calculation was requested for SPACE EL1 Core
Spc (G.C5)

This SPACE has no WINDOWs with AREA more than 0.1 SQFT.

Add WINDOWs to this SPACE of turn off DAYLIGHTING.

Another issue might be the fact that the daylight azumith does not want
to point in the Z direction. It seem only to want look toward a window
or wall. I believe this might have something to do with my errors.

I have attached my model. Daylighting is the very last parametric run.

Franz Haller

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Hi Franz,

The trouble is that you have a plenum, which is essentially another zone
above your conditioned spaces. The skylights shine light into the plenum,
not all the way down into your zones. This is usually an artifact of the
wizard and setting the floor to floor height different from the floor to
ceiling height. Do you really need a plenum in order to model your
building properly?


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Your skylights are in the plenum space, lights are in the zone below. There was an email stream about this a couple of weeks ago - look at the archives and you'll find exactly whats wrong with your model.

Vikram Sami, LEED AP BD+C

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