Skylight error in eQuest 3.61?

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We have an eQuest v3.61 model with minimal skylights. When this model was opened in v3.63 the results changed dramatically. We have determined that this change was associated with the skylights. The input in the original v3.61 model was correct so we have concluded that there was an error in the way v3.61 calculated skylights. The "Summary of eQuest Changes and Fixes" (dated 7-1-09) lists the following v3.63 skylight fixes:

* Title-24 compliance analysis - fixed bug where ruleset was requiring "skylight roofs" to be specified using Joint Appendix IV construction properties. Skylight roofs are used in eQUEST where skylights are needed in a space below a ceiling plenum. They are created with a construction with no heat transfer capabilities and therefore should be ignored in the compliance analysis. (2/09)
* Title-24 compliance analysis - fixed bug that allowed the budget conversion rulelist to try and create more skylights than roof area when skylights are required by Title 24 Section 143 C. This has been corrected so that skylight area cannot exceed roof area times 0.999. (11/08)

We were not performing Title-24 compliance analysis. Did anyone else experience this apparent skylight calculation error in v3.61?

Does anyone know whether one (or both) of the fixes listed above apply to eQuest models and not just the Title-24 compliance analysis (or was there another fix for v3.63 that was not listed)?


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