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I am following in the footsteps of many people before me. I have scoured the archives and am having trouble finding a solution to the problem of compliance rulesets that do not properly acquire R,F,U,or C values.

More specifically, this error:

Table look-up failed: A901-07_Envelope(1,4) evaluating rule: Look-up and default C-FFACTOR for slabs

Can someone elucidate the cause of the error? It seems that it is caused because the routine that imports the values for compliance analysis are imperfect and don't make all of the changes.

How can I resolve my issue? I want to input an F-Factor per Table A6.3, but eQuest tells me that the data is not user editable. Please Advise.

Matt Clough

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Try following :

Error: Table look-up failed A901-07_Envelope (1, 5) evaluating rule: Look-up     and default C-FACTOR was rectified for one of my Project by assigning climate zone number - 5 and letter –A in Mode/detailed data edit/Site data/Site properties.

One can asign respective Climate Zone & letter for respective Project building.


Nimesh Prajapati


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