Equest - Deleting Plenum Thermal Zones

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I am using equest for the first time, working on a eight storey Library Building with approximately 750 zones (including plenums) and different HVAC systems. The model has multiple plenum spaces and zones allotted to each space. I started deleting few of the thermal plenum zones (for unconditioned utility areas) and the spaces started disappearing, in all the previous versions as well. Eventually, the spaces deleted from all the previous versions as well. Height of the wall is whole floor to floor height, editing that is not fixing the problem.

Please let me know how do I fix this. Thank you.


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Hello Tanvi.  How often do you use eQuest?  I'm having a tough time finding others that use eQuest, most forums are pretty quiet. I'm sending you a message because you posted something relatively recent (5 months ago), in fact other than a couple of posts by myself, your post is the most recent. Thanks and I hope you have a good day

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