Adjoining walls in adjacent shells should be interior, but are exterior

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I created two shells that have adjacent connecting walls that should be interior walls and should be adiabatic because setpoints are the same in both shells. However, when I view the properties of the adjoining walls, they are exterior. 

I saw in a different forum that exterior walls can't be made interior without adding interior walls to replace them and then deleting the exterior walls in the detailed design editor-- what a total tedious pain.

What I did that is a little less tedious is assign these walls a construction and then give that construction an R-value of 99.  That entirely changes the results of my model (makes it match my billing history better).  That the model is so sensitive to these walls indicates that adjoining shells are not automatically treated as connected without futzing in the DD editor.  

Am I right?  Or is there an easier way to do this?  Why doesn't eQuest just recognize that where shells are touching the are interior walls??

I am new to eQuest, so if I am missing something somebody please let me know.  

Thank you!


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Hello cjroos.  How often do you use eQuest?  I'm having a tough time finding others that use eQuest, most forums are pretty quiet. I'm sending you a message because you posted something relatively recent (4 months ago), in fact other than a couple of posts by myself, your post is the most recent. 

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