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*Dear eQUEST users,
**I need to convert a DOE-2 weather file (.bin file) into an
EnergyPlus **weather file (.epw). *

*Do you have any suggestion?*

*Thank you *

*Konstantina Kalliakoudi*

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I suggest using the ? Elements ? software from Rocky Mountain Institude and Big Ladder Software

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Dear eQUEST users,

I need to convert a DOE-2 weather file (.bin file) into an EnergyPlus weather file (.epw).

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you

Konstantina Kalliakoudi

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Thank you Patrick for your answer,
I am trying to insert the epw file in HAP.
I used "elemets" saved the bin file as epw file.
Then I am trying to insert the file in HAP and I get following error message

[image: image.png]

Do you have a suggestion?

Best regards
Konstantina Kalliakoudi

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I tried converting a CWEC file of the old generation. The resulting .epw file, first line:
LOCATION,Abbotsford BC CWEC ,,,,,49.03,-122.37,-8,1609.34

I suggest using the new CWEC generation .epw file unless there is a stipulation that the original file must be used. Many of the CWEC files have both generations included on the Climate One Building website:

The new CWEC .epw file for Abbotsford first line:
LOCATION,Abbotsford Intl AP,BC,CAN,CWEC2016,711080,49.025,-122.360,-8.0,59.1

Alternately, you could try editing that first line in the .epw file to show the same information as the new generation .epw file includes.

Converting from .epw to .bin always goes smoothly. The old CWEC files do not some of the information required for the .epw file.

The old CWEC files use very old data unrepresentative of current climate conditions.

Christopher R Jones, P.Eng.
T+ 1 416-644-0252

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The old CWEC files are also available for free at the White Box Technologies web site ( )*? WBT always endeavors to include multiple
formats of any weather file, esp.? *.BINM? and *.epw, to minimize the need for format
conversion.? By the way, these CWEC2s? are very old, and have been superceded by later
versions of "typical year" weather files that are better in all aspects - more locations,
more current data, and better solar radiation.? Environment Canada released a new set of
CWEC for 492 locations in 2017, while WBT released a set of CN2014 files for 226 locations
in 2014 (

*note:? I've been calling these files CWEC2s because there was an earlier version, but
I've noticed that the nomenclature is not consistent and Environment Canada does use
version numbers.? In case there's any confusion,? I'm referring to the files that were
created? in the early 1990's using weather data that ended in 1989.


Joe Huang
White Box Technologies, Inc.
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yjhuang at for simulation-ready weather data
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