Part-load efficiency (IEER)

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How can part-load efficiency for large DX units be entered in eQuest? According to Table 6.8.1B of ASHRAE 90.1.2010 it is required that the baseline HVAC systems serving spaces have a specific full-load and part-load efficiency. However, it is unclear how the part-load efficiency can be entered in eQuest? Any thought would be appreciated!

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Dig around a little bit on these forums and you will find that this question has come up before.

Short answer is that you do not directly enter IEER into eQUEST or any other modeling program I have come across.  This was a point of confusion for a long time at a job I worked at previously.  The forum topic called "Question regarding DX-Cool-EIR-fPLR" highlights how part load efficiency is handled as well as what strategies to follow for modeling part load efficiency. 

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