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Many people have made it clear that schedules, such as for lighting,
elevators, etc., are most desireably obtainable from the User's Manual for
ASHRAE 90.1. Unfortunately, this user's manual requires purchase.
So... I've been going with a secondary suggestion by several eQuest
users, which is to use schedules generated by eQuest.
Unfortunately, I don't see how to get eQuest to generate elevator
Does anyone know how to get eQuest to generate elevator schedules for a
3-story office building?

Lars Fetzek, EI

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I would highly recommend your company purchase this resource.

There may even be a download option for immediate delivery.


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I agree that the guide is worth owning, but specifically for elevator
schedules, you can use the Washington State Energy Code RS-29 guidelines
(starting on page 8 of the PDF). Footnote for this section:

"Elevator schedules, except for restaurants, are from the U.S. Department
of Energy Standard Evaluation Techniques except changed to 0% when
occupancy is 0%."


Nathan Miller

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There is no mention of high rise residential building; would anybody
know a similar document? This would be also valid for occupancy , HVAC



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