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Dear all,

Appendix G states that the unmet load hours of for the proposed design or
the baseline design shall not exceed 300 (of the 8760 hours simulated) and
unmet load hours for the proposed design shall not exceed the unmet load
hours for the baseline building design by more than 50.

Suppose I have the following unmet load hours' results:

(Base Heating = 21 ; Base Cooling = 196) Total Base = 217 Hrs < 300 Hrs

(Design Heating = 96 ; Design Cooling = 96) Total Design = 192 Hrs < 300 Hrs

And Total Base - Total Design = 217 - 192 = 25 < 50 Hrs

I believe that my results fulfill Appendix G requirements but I just got a
little confused because the LEED template is not calculating the total unmet
load hours but instead the difference between base/design cooling and
base/design heating. I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts
on this.

Thank you for your input,


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You are correct.

Marcus Sheffer


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