understanding "treament of distric of campus thermal energy in leed..."

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I've read through the document several times and still have fundamental questions.  I'm preparing a model (both baseline and proposed) for a project in which the baseline is system no. 5 (per appendix G).  The proposed building is being provided with a stand-alone chiller plant located in the buildings basement.  Heating and electricity is being provided via a combined heat and power (CHP) plant located on campus but owned by a local utility company.  The campus purchases both superheated steam, to produce high-temperature hot water (HTHW) in which they have a campus loop, and electricity from the CHP plant.  The proposed building will utilize both the electric and HTHW from the CHP plant.

My question is in regards the proposed model.  Is a virtual boiler supposed to be modeled or do I need to model the whole CHP and add meters for my building load?  If I am to use a virtual boiler, what do I do for the electricity? (just a straight meter?)  What rate does the electricity cost for the proposed model.  I'm trying to understand how the model will account for the practicaly free (excluding the pumping costs, losses, etc.) HTHW.


Any help is appriciated.

Thank you

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