Proposed building modeling requirements per Table G3.1

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TABLE G3.1 of ASHRAE 90.1, lists the proposed building Design Model requirements.  My question is in regards to requirement section #1 (b) that states: "All conditioned spaces in the proposed design shall be simulated as being both heated and cooled even if no heating or cooling system is to be installed,...."

According to this requirement all of the heating or exhaust only spaces (which do qualify as conditioned per definition) have to be modeled as being heated and cooled.  That means that all vestibules, toilet rooms, staircases, heated storage rooms, etc., have to be modeled (assigned) as being part of a heating and cooling system.  Does anyone disagree with my interpretation??

Furthermore, section #10 (c,d) of TABLE G3.1 "HVAC Systems", requires that the spaces for which no heating or cooling system is designed, have to be modeled as being served by a heating and a cooling system similar to the baseline model.  Does this mean that the proposed model has to have additional "imaginary" systems that will serve these miscellaneous spaces? 

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Yes, you have it all right.

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