Manufacturing Process Loads for LEED EA Credit 1

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I've read the posts regarding how to consider process loads related to
manufacturing facilities, particularly with respect to how to even meet the
required prerequisite LEED energy performance requirements when the process
load dominates energy usage. I'm not sure I agree that manufacturing
process loads need to be considered in the model, and would like to throw
this thought process out for any opinions.

ASHRAE 90.1 Section 2.3 states that "The provisions of this standard do not
apply to:... (c) equipment and portions of building systems that use energy
primarily to provide for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial

I'm interpreting this to mean that Appendix G, as a provision of 90.1, also
does not apply to systems used in manufacturing processes.

90.1 Table G3.1 Item 12 states that "Receptacle and process loads, such as
those for office and other equipment, shall be estimated based on the
building type or space type category and shall be assumed to be identical in
the proposed and baseline building designs..."

I'm interpreting that this reference to "process loads" only applies to
process loads that are NOT related to manufacturing.

The LEED reference guides and CIRs do not appear to address manufacturing
loads specifically as to whether they can be excluded.

Admittedly this interpretation is self-serving as we are trying to model a
facility with dominant manufacturing energy use.

What I would like to do is ignore the loads associated with the
manufacturing process. This would include both the electricity used by the
equipment as well as cooling and ventilation needed specifically for the
manufacturing equipment. The "process" load for LEED modeling purposes then
would only include things such as in a typical office (computers,
appliances, other plug loads), which would most likely be done using the 25%

For those of you that have modeled manufacturing facilities, I'd like to
know if and why you chose to include the manufacturing process loads in the
model, and if you also excluded the cooling energy if cooling is only
required for the equipment (referring to space cooling for the areas housing
the equipment, not water cooling).

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Section G1.2 of 90.1-2007 Appendix G says: "Both the
proposed building performance and the baseline building
performance shall include all end-use load components, such
as receptacle and process loads."


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You have to include process / manufacturing loads into the model and account
their heat gain into the space. If HVAC system serves the process loads, then
ASHRAE 90.1 does not apply to that particular system, you cannot exclude them.

You can also claim energy savings relate to process loads by following ASHRAE
90.1 - section G2.5

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