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DesignBuilder is please to announce a 2 day training class in
conjunction with the 2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and
SimBuild - Co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA in Chicago, Illinois.

Learn to use DesignBuilder from early-stage through to LEED
Date: Monday-Tuesday, September 24-25, 2018
Time: 8 am to 5 pm
Presenters: Tim McDowell and David Cocking

This training will teach you how to use DesignBuilder to improve
productivity, enabling you to model and analyse building performance
using EnergyPlus and Radiance much more quickly and efficiently. The
workshop will cover the key elements of modeling from early through to
detailed project stages and LEED certification. No prior learning or
knowledge of DesignBuilder is required for Day 1, which will teach you
how to quickly and easily create a model for early-stage analysis then
test different early-stage options, develop the model as the design
evolves, run heating and cooling load calculations, analyze different
solar shading options and run a variety of simulations to quantify
energy and comfort performance. Day 2 will introduce detailed HVAC
modelling and show you how to quickly and easily generate ASHRAE 90.1
baseline models, update them as required, generate LEED v3 and v4
daylighting credits and the outputs required for LEED submissions, and
will also introduce our new online LEED reporting tools. Day 2 requires
attendance on Day 1 or prior experience using DesignBuilder. Both
workshops will use our latest software, which includes significant new
ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G automation, DAYSIM for LEED v4 daylighting
credits, and a new online LEED reporting and submission tool. Free
30-day licenses will be provided, so why not come along and learn how to
use these new tools and experience for yourself why so many of our
customers say they would recommend DesignBuilder training to a friend or

Day 1 is designed for those with no DesignBuilder experience and for
existing customers who wish to brush up on the latest features. You will
learn how to:
* Import models directly from Revit and from other BIM tools via gbXML
import, and import floor plans to aid geometry creation.
* Quickly create and edit model geometry.
* Use DesignBuilder's unique data input and management tools to vastly
reduce your data input time and effort.
* Quickly model a variety of solar shading devices.
* Run steady-state heating and dynamic cooling load calculations using
EnergyPlus's accurate ASHRAE heat balance method.
* Run simulations and generate outputs to quantify comfort and energy

Day 2 is focused on our new LEED functionality and is designed for those
who have completed day 1 or existing customers who wish to brush up on
our latest features. You will learn how to:
* Set up an ASHRAE 90.1 proposed model "from scratch".
* Gain LEED daylighting credits using new DAYSIM climate-based daylight
modeling tools.
* Use DesignBuilder's new LEED tools to automate the baseline building
and HVAC system creation.
* Fine-tune and model non-predominant systems in mixed-use buildings.
* Data-check and analyze outputs for LEED.
* Use the new online LEED reporting and submission tool.

For more information on the training classes please see

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