DD wizard HVAC system type issues

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Equest Users,

Has anyone encountered the following problem?

DD wizard incorrectly assigns the return path to "DUCTED" for "PACKAGED DX

We discovered this problem after only changing "RETURN AIR PATH" from
default "DUCTED" to "PLENUM" and then reviewing the SS-J report to find the
SQFT/Ton is 2x what it should be (968 ducted vs. 526 plenum).

Please let me know your feedback ASAP.

Best, Jesse

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Hi Jesse:
That is why, after?I have created most of my building architecture, I go to the Detailed Edit mode (saving a copy still in the DD Wizard mode) and make changes from there.
Sometimes, we do not know why the Wizard does what it does? Remember that Wizards are magicians, not engineers..
John R. Aulbach, PE

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"/But it is said: 'Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are
subtle and quick to anger."


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