Version 3.64 LEED ComplianceAnalysis Plenum Problems

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I have played with the inputs for two days and every time the existence of
plenums will cause BDL errors using the LEED compliance tool. The program
assumes that any space with Z>0 and unconditioned is a plenum or enclosed
ceiling (Page 13 of the tutorial.) Changing the HVAC return path of
"plenum" to "ducted" does not solve the problem because these unconditioned
spaces still exist in the geometry. This issue prevents one from doing the
LEED analysis on any existing or new models with a dropped ceiling where the
floor to floor height is not the same as the floor to ceiling height. I
have reread the LEED Compliance manual several times but cannot find what
the issue is. Any thoughts, I would really like to be able to automatically
generate baseline models.


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