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Hi all,

Thanks for previous help regarding GSHP/WSHP, spot on.

I'm trying to model a house with a complicated roof in the DD wizard.
Basement, 1FL, 2FL all have slightly different footprints, and some of the
roof is over 1FL, the rest is over 2FL. The 3D model looks as if the 1FL
roof penetrates the 2FL structure.

How do I model something like this or a dormer? Or is it reasonable to
simplify it away? I haven't tried making separate structures of the 1FL area
that has roof over it yet- does that work?


Andy McLeod

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Hi Andy - our free BIM energy modeler, Vasari, can model complex roofs and send the geometry to eQuest via an .inp (DOE2.2 file) export. Beyond roofs, I have found Vasari to be a highly capable "egg shell" energy modeling tool.

Vasari can take the place of the wizard and provide an energy model which can be shared more freely both upstream and downstream.

Please visit Vasari YouTube Channel for modeling tutorials: - Vasari Advanced Skills: Drawing - Vasari Advanced Skills: Create Form Part 1. - Vasari Advanced Skills: Work Planes

Autodesk Vasari Details
Price: Free
Download Time: 2 - 4 minutes
Modeler: Geometric and Parametric
Exports: gbxml, .inp, idf, dwg, dxf, fbx, sat, dgn, rvt, pdf
Imports: dxf, dwg, dgn, .sat, .skp,
Kernel: Revit native format (rvt)

Autodesk Vasari Native Simulation
- DOE 2.2 Whole Building Simulation
- Incident Solar Radiation

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Any word yet why I cannot get Vasari to install on a Windows 7 64 bit machine?

Thank you,

Paul Diglio

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