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The building simulation industry is in the process of making a steady
shift towards connected databases and web technologies for the design,
analysis, and operation of built environments. Consequently, the
end-user must work with a multitude of unrelated data dictionaries,
schemas, and file formats to represent building information for

The IBPSA-USA Building Data Exchange (BDE) Committee has been set up to
convene the many stakeholders to identify current barriers to data
exchange, and if necessary, facilitating the development of standard
data models will help overcome some of the key barriers to greater
adoption of building performance modeling outlined in USDOE BTO?s
Emerging Technologies Draft Research and Development document, namely ?
improving value proposition, increasing accuracy, making time available
to develop core modeling capabilities, and facilitating end-to-end
workflow automation.

One of the committee's first activity is outreach to the building
simulation community at large to assess the current state of data
exchange in practice and promote information exchange about current
trends in data exchange. This outreach will begin with a series of
surveys and webinars.

Our initial survey as available at:

We will be collecting responses from the survey until August 31, 2020.
At that time we will conglomerate the results and produce a report with
a summary of the findings. The report will be a publicly available
document from IBPSA-USA.

If you have any questions on the survey or about the IBPSA-USA Building
Data Exchange (BDE) Committee pleas email bde at

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