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There was a previous post on an issue of trying to import a WINDOW5 file
(glass assembly) *.txt file into eQuest resulting in a "Invalid U-value
Conditions - likely due to non-NFRC conditions being specified in the
Window program." error. I have encountered this same error and haven't
been able to locate a remedy to this situation and I'm not sure that
this error translates into a known bug in the WINDOW5 software.

Any insight on how to correct this error or other work around would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

Paul Gustafson, PE, LEED AP

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All - I responded to Paul privately to figure out this problem, and in the
interest of everyone getting the answer, am now sending my response to the
entire list.

The problem was that he was importing a "Glazing System" file from WINDOW5
rather than the "Window" (whole product) file from WINDOW5.

So if you are want to import a file from WINDOW5 into EQuest, you need to
generate it from the Window Library -- click the Report button and specify
Report Type = DOE2, save that file under whatever name you wish, and then
import it into EQuest.

Robin Mitchell

Windows & Daylighting Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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