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Dear Equest-users,

I am performing simulations on a building in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. I am unable to find any weather files compatible with equest.
What can I do to find or create a weather file for this location.

Thank you in advance for your help,


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White Box Technologies may be able to help and is a time/cost effective option. Otherwise there are numerous threads in the archive about creating weather files with doe2 tools.

Good luck.

- Matt H
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There is an IWEC2 weather file for the Beirut Airport (LBN_BEYROUTH-AP_401000_IW2). The
entire IWEC2 (International Weather for Energy Calculations) set was created by ASHRAE and
contains "typical year" weather files for 3,012 international, i.e., the world excluding
the US and Canada, locations, is available on a DVD from ASHRAE

Individual files can be purchased and immediately downloaded from the Web site indicated
below. For a complete list of the IWEC2 locations, please see .

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i am facing the same problem. the above links does not work anymore!! is there anyway i can download the weather file for lebanon? 

thank you. 

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