ASHRAE envelope values in eQuest for LEED

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Hello All,

If a reviewer was to find the U-value of the walls and windows, I'm assuming
they would go to SIM file under LV-D and find what the average assembly
value is?
I ask because when I create the baseline I use the DD mode to make the
Assembly value as per ASHRAE 90.1-2004.
But i'm finding different values between the DD and LV-D reports.

Hoping someone with experience would be able to comment.


Tai Lieu

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Hey Tai,

LV-D reported U-values include something for exterior air films that you
won't see while defining the constructions... Maybe that's the
difference you're seeing?

I've had to explain that to a reviewer before, and recall responding
with screen grabs illustrating the DD layer inputs/properties and
resulting overall construction U-value. That buried the issue.



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