Any clues? -- Ceiling Fans in South East Asia

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Look into ASHRAE Standard 55, and also the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook.
P. Ole Fanger's work is, well, the Standard. And I think Standard 55 is
being updated soon, to better account for air motion effects. I think I
saw something about this in the last issue of the ASHRAE Journal.

J. Cramer Silkworth

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There was just an ashrae journal May 2009.

Leonard Sciarra

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Try contacting Dick Ainsley of Big Ass fans as he has a great deal of
experience with this system in Asia and Australia.

Peter Simmonds. Ph.D.

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Thanks Cramer, Leonard, Peter and all for your valuable time.

I am replying on behalf of Neeraj.He will follow it up once he is back in

ASHARE 55 does give a bit of information about the thermal comfort in
section 5.2.3.

However the section says that the elevated speed can be used to offset the
temperature by not more than 30 C (5.40 F).

The air speed considered here is however in the range of 0.8 m/s to 1m/s.
However the ceiling fans designed in here in India

gives an air speed of about 2m/s for which the temperature that could be
offset can be more.

No specific relation as such is given as to determine the temperature that
can be offset for higher air speeds.I have referred the

Thermal Comfort chapter of the ASHRAE Fundamentals handbook,however no
particular specifics is given as to relation between the

Air speed felt on the skin and the temperature that can be offset due to it.
Definitely the personal comfort level also varies with person to person.

If anyone knows about any other standard or reference manual giving
information on this matter or can throw more light on this it

will be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile I have written to Mr. Dick Ainsley of Big Ass Fans as suggested by
Peter. If he replies I will let you all know his response.

Thanks a lot again.


Vishnuraj Nair

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What this also brings out is the issue of adapting/updating the standards and the back-end data to local/regional conditions. Is there any effort going on in India or other parts of the world that consider the local technology options and the comfort preferences while adopting the ASHRAE standards? This to me seems to be an important part of going towards low-energy buildings equation.



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