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Hey All,

Quick (I think) question about walls. Due to the crazy shape of my
building, I built it using multiple shells in the DD Wizard - often
using two shells for the same floor, splitting the floor where the roof
and/or floor conditions above and below that particular floor change. So
now I've got walls where these two shells meet, and of course there's
not actually a wall there. Is it safe to simply delete these walls from
the component tree, or do I need to keep them? Along that same line, is
it possible to specify the boundary conditions (whether it's ambient
conditions on the other side, or some other zone, etc) wall-by-wall, or
is that set at the 'space' level in the tree?


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This is a situation I have come across in the past. To resolve this
issue, I deleted the exterior walls created where the shells met and
created an interior wall, in one of the spaces, in there place. If there
is actually an interior wall here you should leave the "wall type" as
Standard and ensure you specify the "Next To" command to the adjoining

If there is no wall here whatsoever, specify the "wall type" as Air and
again make sure you specify the "Next To" command to the adjoining

Hope this helps,

Patrick Darby, BScE

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