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June 2020 Newsletter
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*Ask a Modeler: How Well do Building Simulation Programs Model Thermal

This month Som S. Shrestha, R&D Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, replies: *"Dear Learning, Building envelopes are
non-homogeneous, so heat transfer through a building envelope is not one
dimensional due to thermal bridging. However, thermal bridges cannot be
explicitly modeled in most whole-building simulation tools, including

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*Sponsored Content: Improve Your Simulation Expertise With DesignBuilder's
New On-Demand Training Content*

Having been the first to provide great on-demand content for our customers,
we are excited to announce another industry first?DesignBuilder?s brand new
(and more in-depth) interactive on-demand training content is now
available, so you can take your modeling skills to a new level!

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IBPSA-USA Education On Demand
New Videos Added

IBPSA-USA Education Committee: Energy Storage Systems, DER, and

Green Teams: The Missing Link in Climate Action - IBPSA-USA Denver Chapter

IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter: Reviving the Local Chapter in the Era of Video

IBPSA-USA Research Committee: Open-Source Software Package for Energy
Efficient Data Center Design & Operation

IBPSA-USA Chicago Chapter: Modeling Resiliency Strategies with Renewable
Energy Systems

IBPSA-USA Chicago Chapter: Anticipating Energy Use Demands of COVID-19

Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

Open positions in Berkeley Lab?s Simulation Research Group

Energy Analyst at Architectural Nexus in Salt Lake City, UT

Upcoming Events

*June 17: Energy Storage Systems, DER, and Decarbonization - IBPSA-USA
Education Committee*

Eric Mannarino from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will
discuss the role of energy storage in the decarbonization of our electrical
system. He will also touch on the Storage-VET and DER-VET software that
EPRI has produced to model energy storage systems (both BTM and FTM).

Learn More.

*June 17: Free Webinar - Using Energy Modeling to Optimize GSHP System

In this webinar, Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting will show you how he used
DesignBuilder to model and optimize the trade-off between the construction
cost, and operational energy consumption savings, of a Ground Source Heat
Pump (GSHP) system in a recent project.

Learn More.

*June 23: IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter June 2020 Meeting*

Please join the Boston chapter of IBPSA-USA as we hear from Shreshth Nagpal
of Elementa Engineering for a presentation on *Urban Energy Analytics for
Cost-Effective GHG Emissions Reduction*. And also Andrea Love, and Melanie
Silver, of Payette for a presentation on: *The Fusion of Design and
Performance: Integrating Building Science into Architectural Practice.*

Learn More.

*July 23: BIM to BEM: ?Mission Impossible? or ?Pursuit of Happiness?? -
IBPSA-USA Research Committee*

This webinar walks you through common issues faced when translating
geometry from BIM to BEM. Subsequently, the presenters offer a few
workarounds based on their experience and workflows that ?alleviate? the
pain of creating ?clean? BEM geometry from BIM.

Learn More.

*Aug. 12-14: News about the 2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference
and SimBuild*

With your safety top of mind, the 2020 Building Performance Analysis
Conference and SimBuild will not take place in Chicago, IL, August 12-14,
2020. Instead, we will present the conference in a new and convenient
virtual format. Additional details concerning the virtual conference will
be available in the coming weeks

Learn More.

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