EEM Verification on a PD2 file w/no INP

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Hello energy models forums,

I only have a few hours experience with eQUEST but am tasked with verifying the savings for new construction based on files provided to me. The client provided  me with a PD2 and INP for the as designed/proposed building. However, for the base case, the client only sent me a PD2 file. I've figured out how to easily simulate the proposed building, but the base case PD2 does not seem to load anything of value.

Opening the baseline PD2 file in notepad++ yielded this result:

I am inclined to believe the client should have sent a INP file for his basecase, but before making a fool of myself for asking, I thought I would ask here. Generally they provide outputs in a summary PDF or REM/Rate form, so verifying the savings in this case has proven difficult. Any information would be extremely helpful!



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