Libraries and Sharing Review

13 questions

  1. A system with multiple heating coils may have those coils assigned to multiple heating plants

  2. If a cooling plant has multiple pieces of equipment, coils may be assigned to individual pieces of equipment.

  3. What fields are automatically selected when an equipment type is selected from the cooling equipment tab of create plants?

    The Energy Rate

    The pump power

    The equipment capacity

    The type of heat rejection

  4. When heating equipment type is selected, what fields are automatically propagated?

    The thermal storage type

    The energy rate and units

    The Equipment Schedule

    The default hot water pump

  5. The maximum number of cooling plants is 20

  6. The maximum number of heating plants is 10

  7. Match the fields with the type of output they affect.

    Wall Type
    Rate Structure
    Assign systems to plants
    Plant Efficiency
    Project information

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  8. If you wish to share a file, what methods could you use? (select 2)

    Send the user the .trc file

    Send the user a .trc file as well as your library.exp file. Make sure the other user imports the .exp file before trying to calculate.

    Send the user your .trc file, as well as your lib7.db.

    Send the user an archive of your file (.taf)

  9. It is OKAY to have an archive file with a name longer than 15 characters, as long as you only change the archive name after the file is archived in Trace.

  10. When importing a library of the same, selecting to replace the library with the one in the .exp file will over-write the existing library of the same name, removing it permanently

  11. Longer filenames give you good luck in Trace 700.

  12. Match the item with the file it is stored in

    A custom people schedule
    The algorithm for calculating building loads
    A non- custom People schedule
    Number of windows in a room

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  13. After copying alternative 1, if you wish to set rooms to "based on alt 1" it doesn't matter where you right click in alternative 2