Baseline Equipment Review

8 questions

  1. Packaged efficiencies must be broken into individual components so that the compressor only efficiency may be determined.

  2. If a packaged efficiency is listed as 10 EER and it includes the Compressor, supply fan power, and condenser fan power. What is the compressor only power if the supply fan uses .1 kw/ton and the condenser uses .055 kw/ton?


    Hint: 12/EER = Kw/Ton

    1.2 Kw/ton

    .945 kw/ton

    1.045 kw/ton

  3. If a baseline chiller plant is 3600 tons, how many chillers of what size should be modeled?

    two Chillers at 1800 tons each

    Four chillers at 900 tons each

    5 chillers at 720 tons each

    4 chillers at 800 tons and 1 chiller at 400 tons

  4. For packaged equipment, std 90.1 only specifies the packaged efficiency. It is up to the modeler to determine what component gets what part of the power.

  5. For chilled water systems in the baseline building, primary-secondary pumping systems are allotted 22 W/gpm

  6. The baseline building allows power consumption for Domestic hot water (at efficiency values specifed in section 7 of 90.1), even if there is no domestic hot water in the proposed building.

  7. If an uncovered 10,000 square foot parking lot is modeled in the proposed building with a peak power of 1 KW, what percentage of energy is saved versus the baseline building?




    0%, the lighting remains the same

    It depends on the scheduling

  8. In the baseline model, many energy measures are required based on a type of component. Match the appropriate requirement for each of the following elements of the baseline model:

    Hot water systems

    VAV systems

    Chilled water systems

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.