How to Change Weather Files in eQUEST

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How to Change Weather File Hey everyone, it’s Bob here. We’re going to go through a quick how-to tutorial on how to change the weather to a non-default eQUEST location, or how to change the weather once you’re out of the wizards. This is something that is common enough, but is not really obvious on how to do it. The first thing you have to do is you have to get a weather file, in this case we’re just going to pick one up from — I already have a window open. You go to Select the weather location. We went with TMY3 here. I’m going to go ahead and pick something from Alaska, here. Something with a name that I’ll remember — right click it and save the link as. You should know what version of eQUEST you’re using. In this case, I’m using 364. Actually, i just updated something prior to recording and had a glitch in 365 because of some of these file directory things. So I’m going to save the link as, just skips a step. I already have my TMY folder open, but I go to Public Documents, and we go to 364 Data, the data folder. I’ll come back to that in a bit. We can go to Weather, and if we didn’t have a TMY3 folder — for instance, if you’re a new eQUEST user — you may not have a TMY folder. You right-click one and make it exactly as this is. You should have a TMY2 by default, so you can follow the format of the TMY2. It’s really not rocket science, there. TMY3, I’m going to save that AK_Birchwood.bin — binary. Now, I need to open eQUEST. I just have a wizard file open. I can just right-click on the project properties. Left-click the properties, and here for the weather file, set at default. We have to specify the folder, TMY3, and then that was AK_Birchwood.bin — and it will prompt you on this rather intimidating note here, for some of you, myself included; the first time that I’ve seen this.