eQUEST Final Exam

38 questions

  1. A good way to assign a zone to a zone group is to click the desired zone and select "assign to active system"

  2. Which of the following can be used to define the amount of internal shading?


    Season (i.e. long days, short days)

    The direction of the wall (North, south, east, west)

    The room types

  3. All zones are assigned by default, using a default zoning scheme.

  4. Zone groups contain zones that have which of the following


    Assigned to the same HVAC system


    Common conditioning (conditioned/unconditioned)


    Percent area of occupancy types (i.e. 65% office space)


    exhaust fans
  5. Which variable is added when adding an additional shell

    The location of the shell with respect to the other shell

    The secondary weather location

    Self shading

    An additional construction type (total of 2 construction types available in second shell)

  6. Which of the following might affect which plant types are activated in the DD wizard?

    The heat pump source

    The order of the system (i.e. the first system listed)

    The heating and cooling type selected

  7. The DD wizard only allows one plant type per shell

  8. Match the system selection screen with the corresponding parameters

    Screen 4
    Screen 6
    Screen 7
    Screen 2
    Screen 3

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  9. In the system selection wizard, which screen is the most important?

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

    Screen 3

    Screen 4

  10. After selecting system types, the default selections of system per zone, floor, shell etc are generally accurate

  11. Which of the following are TRUE of zone groups?

    Common System assignments

    Common Number of people in all zones

    Common interior/exterior relationship

    Common space type percentages

  12. Occupancy profiles may be edited in the DD wizard, but must keep their same basic shape.

  13. The building shell is much more important that than the operations inside the building.

  14. In eQUEST, the DD wizard automatically places doors on the ground floor

  15. eQUEST considers ONLY the total square footage of glass when calculating solar loads. For instance, five 10x5 windows would yield the same solar loads as ONE 50x5 window (on the same wall).

  16. When importing glass from "WINDOW 4/5", eQUEST considers the frame effects modeled in the "WINDOW" program.

  17. How many door/window types are allowed in the DD wizard?





  18. In the DD wizard, which item contains the most screens?

    The Building Shell

    The System

    The cooling equipment

    The domestic hot water

  19. Which of the following are true when modeling an adjacent building
    The adjacent building must stand at 90 degrees vertically
    eQUEST displays the shading side of the building interactively in the 3d view
    The adjacent building is simplified to a 2 dimensional rectangle
    The origin of the adjacent building is the lower left corner of the adjacent building
  20. What types of shading can be modeled in eQUEST?
    Adjacent Buildings
  21. When adding materials to a layer, the innermost layer is at the top
  22. When making a delayed construction, what must be created FIRST?
    A Layer
    A Construction type
    A Material
    A wall
  23. A quick construction is made more quickly than a delayed construction
  24. If a plug load has a design value of 5 KW and it's corresponding fraction schedule has a value of .5 at noon, what is the total plug load at noon
    2.5 KW
    10 KW
    5 KW
  25. Interior lights utilize which of the following schedule types>
  26. Of the three schedule categories, which of the following is present in only one of them
    Photocell Control
    Humidity control
    Schedule Type
  27. Which of the following are schedule categories in eQUEST
  28. The standard reports in eQUEST are NOT available when using parametric runs
  29. Global parameters must correspond to numeric values
  30. It is possible to create a run based on another eQUEST file
  31. A user must know BDL keywords to create parametric runs
  32. When deleting a wall, a user will most likely be prompted regarding which of the following?
    Keyword assignments
    Linked components
    Child Components
  33. When deleting an item, a user has the option to select the replacement child components
  34. Match the following terms with the corresponding relationships
    Keyword assignments
    Child Components
    Linked components

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  35. When copying/linking, it is common to leave the check box "create and link/copy all assigned components" UNCHECKED
  36. Let's say you have access to a document, match the following items with the corresponding selection in eQUEST's detailed interface.
    A website pointing to the online document
    A printed copy of the original
    A hand-written summary

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  37. Which of the following options allows a user to create a new item that is an exact replica of an existing item?
    Link to an existing component
    Copy an existing component
    Create from scratch
  38. The only way to create an item in the detailed view is to right click the project name