DD Wizard Review

5 questions

  1. Which variable is added when adding an additional shell

    The location of the shell with respect to the other shell

    The secondary weather location

    Self shading

    An additional construction type (total of 2 construction types available in second shell)

  2. Zone groups contain zones that have which of the following


    Assigned to the same HVAC system


    Common conditioning (conditioned/unconditioned)


    Percent area of occupancy types (i.e. 65% office space)


    exhaust fans
  3. All zones are assigned by default, using a default zoning scheme.

  4. A good way to assign a zone to a zone group is to click the desired zone and select "assign to active system"

  5. Which of the following can be used to define the amount of internal shading?


    Season (i.e. long days, short days)

    The direction of the wall (North, south, east, west)

    The room types