Creating Items Review Questions

7 questions

  1. The only way to create an item in the detailed view is to right click the project name
  2. Which of the following options allows a user to create a new item that is an exact replica of an existing item?
    Link to an existing component
    Copy an existing component
    Create from scratch
  3. Let's say you have access to a document, match the following items with the corresponding selection in eQUEST's detailed interface.
    A printed copy of the original
    A website pointing to the online document
    A hand-written summary

    You lose points by selecting incorrect options. You may leave an option blank to avoid losing points.

  4. When copying/linking, it is common to leave the check box "create and link/copy all assigned components" UNCHECKED
  5. A quick construction is made more quickly than a delayed construction
  6. When making a delayed construction, what must be created FIRST?
    A Material
    A Layer
    A Construction type
    A wall
  7. When adding materials to a layer, the innermost layer is at the top