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Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to Equest, and I've been having a little bit of trouble
trying to build a suitable model in the Schematic Design Wizard. I've
searched through the forum archive and didn't see this particular topic, so
I apologize if it's already been discussed.

The building I'm trying to model is a small, single story public works
building that is approx 25% office space and 75% shop space (for fleet
vehicle maintenance). In the SD Wizard pull down menu for Building Type on
Screen 1, there are no 'pre-made' selections that resemble this, so I
selected "Unknown, Custom or Mixed Use". On screen 2, I specified
the zoning pattern as "By Activity Area" because the two areas of this
building have significantly different systems. I then designated the
appropriate activity types and relative areas.

The problem I have is on screen 19 - HVAC System Definitions, the wizard
does not present the option to select more than one system. Why is this? I
don't want the packaged AC unit system that is found in the office area to
be applied to the shop area, but it seems as though the model is doing just
that (I get this impression because on screen 24 - HVAC System Fans, it
indicates that the total square footage of the building is being served by
System 1, not just the office area). In an attempt to work around this, I
went back to screen 2, and designated the shop area as "Unconditioned",
however I still get the impression that the one system is being applied to
both zones

I realize that this is probably just a basic misunderstanding of the
simulation engine, however if someone could give their thoughts on the
issue I'm having, it will probably help me understand things better so that
I can solve my problem.

Thanks in advance!

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The design development wizard has an easy way to assign HVAC to zones. Also
it is in my opinion the best workspace for 90% of the modeling process. I
suggest you go up a legal of detail. Also I suggest you to for future
models start (and if possible finish) your models in the design development
wizard, as it is not really any harder then the schematic wizard but is
more functional. Detailed should be saved for last and only used for items
that can not be modeled in the wizards..

Best of luck

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