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Hi all,

Its bit urgent....please reply me asap...

I am trying to edit zones in detail wizard for a particular floor. Can any
one tell me is there any simple and quick way to edit zones in detail

For interior floors I can see that there is a space polygon with name E16
Space Polygon - SMirro and from the name I feel its a mirror for space
polygons...Can anyone explain why is it creating a different space polygon
for interior floors ??Is it necessary to create these space polygons along
with other space polygons for interior floors....

Please guide me with step by step procedure to edit zones in detail


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please explain more about what exactly are you trying to edit with the zone
or space you are referencing. Also, please email back to the group and
attach your .pd2 file and .inp file so that we may open your project file
and look at it so that we can try and help.

There are many users on this group that are happy to assist you, but the
more detail you can provide in your emails to us, the more inclined to know
how to help you and offer you a response.

Please send your files to the group.


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Editing zones in detail mode is not as bad as it may initially seem.

The easiest way to do it is to go to 2D view, and then switch to polygon
view so that you can see the polygons of all your zones on the screen at

Then, select the zone you want to edit in the tree to the left.

Select edit in the pop-up toolbar

now you can move vertexes and add vertexes just like you did when you
created the zones, BUT a few things to be cautious of:

1. If you move vertex 1, when you go back to regular 2D mode or 3D mode,
you'll notice that your zone has moved. If at all possible, leave vertex 1
in the same place.
2. If you subtract vertexes, walls that refer to higher vertexes will lose
a reference, and you will get an error. Be careful when subtracting
3. When you add vertexes, you'll notice that your walls refer to vertexes
by number and may shift positions.

When you edit polygons this way, the Smirror polygon is also automatically

That said, when I started using eQuest, if I had major zone changes to make,
I usually went back to the wizard mode, and re-entered all post-wizard

Hope this helps,

Karen Walkerman

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Another option may be to perform a save-as, go back into the wizard, and
make the changes. Once the changes are made, you can copy and paste the
changes into the original inp file. Remember that you will have to copy
the same information for the systems and zones.

***Make sure you create backup files when editing the inp. files!!***


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