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Hey all,

Does anyone know how I can change the window placement in a text file (the .pd2 I assume) so that I don't have to painstakingly go through the wizard and enter custom window placement data for all top, middle, and ground floors? I opened the .pd2 file with wordpad and tried copying the custom window placement data (that I entered while in the wizard) and pasted it below where I copied it from, changing only the facet numbers (e.g., from facet-0-1 31" to facet-2-1), yet it did not work. Also, I don't know what the 31", 32" 33", etc., numbers are after the first set of facet numbers in the code. Thanks a lot!


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Only edit the .inp file not the .pd2. Be aware though if you don't know
how to read BDL you will likely have a lot of trouble; if you do know
how to read BDL you will likely have some trouble. Cutting and pasting
in eQUEST is tricky. One difficulty is that the bottom floor spaces have
slab on grade or floors over a parking space, the middle floor spaces
have interior floors and the top floor spaces have roofs so you have to
add or delete the appropriate elements in each space. By the time you
are done with that you will 9 times out of 10 have some errors and you
might not even be able to run the model due to some random comma or ..
or unspecified zone. By that time you will realize you would have been
better off doing the custom window placement.
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