Which report tells me how Space Cooling is divided up?

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Dear eQuest Users

Does anyone know which report will tell me how Space Cooling is divided up? ie, cooling energy attributed to envelope loads, lighting loads and equipment loads.


Linda Lam, LEED?? AP

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LS-F gives you the building monthly load components for cooling and heating.

LS-C gives you the building peak load components.

LS-E & LS-B give you the space loads

NOTE: These reports do not include the ventilation loads - I think those are added at the system level.

Vikram Sami, LEED AP

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The total MBTU used for cooling from the LS-F report does is much greater than the space cooling enduse value in the BEPS report. Does the total MBTU in LSF represent all energy including (heat rejection, pumps and ventilation fans) associated with cooling the building? Thanks for your help!

LS-F Report:

BEPS report:

Linda Lam, LEED?? AP

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The values in the Loads reports represent the end use contribution of
cooling loads, not energy consumed to meet those cooling loads. The BEPS and
BEPU reports show end use energy consumption and include the effects of
equipment efficiency, etc.

As Vikram pointed out, the Loads reports do not include ventilation loads,
which is a significant portion of the cooling loads ? has anyone ever
figured out a way to get the load breakdown including the OA contribution?
Perhaps from custom hourly reports?

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The LS-B report shows heat gain and losses associated with the envelope,
solar gain, electric light, equipment, occupants, etc...

However, the loads shown in that report do not contain any loads associated
with heating/cooling outside ventilation air.

I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for but hopefully it helps.


Steve Mignogna

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Can anyone add to this? I want the get the loads for each space so I can select complete an equipment schedule..

To do this I need the peak cooling and peak heating with OA included.


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The way I do this is with a custom tool that we built. The tool is available for free here.

It calculates the space loads and not the coil loads, and therefore does not include OA. What we have done in the past is use the tool to generate the spreadsheet and then do the OA load calculations right within the spreadsheet.


  1. Get space loads from the tool (fastest way to get it in spreadsheet format)
  2. Add Cfm of ventilation by space
  3. Find design enthalpies and do a calculation on each space with the Delta U to get the loads.
  4. Do this for heating design if necessary too.

The problem is that eQUEST doesn't give the information correctly (as it isn't a true load design program!). That isn't to say it is impossible.

We have a way of implementing this in the load extractor, but we would require sponsors, as the programming is expensive and time consuming, and there are too many users already trying to abuse the system we put in place.

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