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From: Mike Oliver [mailto:moliver at aroraengineers.com]
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Dear all,

Is there a particular report that is better or more concise to tabulate the
monthly cooling and heating loads for the building?

The firm designing the geothermal well field needs the monthly total loads
imposed on the well field.

I can see that Reports LS-D; PS-E and PS-H are close. Is one of these more
useful than the others to the well field designer?

BTU's into and out of the ground


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Hi Mike,

You need the final plant loads, which you won't find in any of the L or S
reports. Normally there is a PS-H report for the field loop, if you've
included that loop in your model. If you haven't, use the PS-H for the HW
and CHW loops. Most of the time we ignore any heat recovery to these loops
(being conservative, we assume it's not working) so the load on the field
should be fairly close to the loop loads once you factor in the heat pump

Yes, they need the monthly BTUs.


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