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I am using EPW Weather File Conversion program "eQ_WthProc" to convert
EnergyPlus EPW files into eQUEST BIN files. After file is converted,
solar direct normal radiation values are blank and solar global
horizontal radiation values are all "9999" with following messages:

there's a streak of 8760 bad Solar starting on 1/1 at hour 24 (ending on
the last hour of the year)
copy from previous day failed, data for first good record used


Weather data loaded successfully from EPW file.
Re-iterating Weather data cleaning process.
Weather data cleaning FAILED.
Weather data cleaning FAILED.

The program indicates:
The processor includes the ability to have direct normal solar data
Some epw files contain questionable direct normal solar values while
seemingly good horizontal solar values; this problem can be diagnosed
using the
"Review Converted Data" tab (described above) and noting direct normal
values that
often or significantly exceed 1000. To correct problematic direct normal
values just
check the "Calculate Solar Direct-Normal based on Global Horizontal"
check box on
the "EPW Weather Files Conversion" tab and re-convert the data.

After checking box, program output is same with all blank and 9999 solar
radiation values.

1. Is there a method to obtain correct solar radiation values from EPW
file using eQ_WthProc EPW Weather File Conversion program?
2. The average hourly statistics for direct normal solar radiation are
included in the EnergyPlus STAT file (summary data report). Can the STAT
file average hourly statistics for direct normal solar radiation be
manually input into CSV files and then converted to BIN files?

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