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Does anyone know how to convert a TMY3 weather file to a TMY weather file?

One of the energy evaluation programs I have will only operate with a TMY
weather file.


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There's something garbled in this request.? TMY3, TMY2, and TMY describe
weather data sets.? Each can be converted to various formats that are
readable by building energy simulations.? Since you're posting on the
eQUEST-Users bulletin board, I would presume that you would want a TMY3
file converted to *.bin/*.BINM, which is readable by DOE-2 engines. If
that's the case, you can go to my White Box Technologies web site to get
any TMY3 file in *.BINM and *.epw formats.


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Agreeing and adding to Joe?s response:

If you should encounter any weather file that isn?t in the BIN/BINM format required by doe2/eQuest, the freely available tool ELEMENTS ( does a relatively handy/easy job of converting to those binary formats from a variety of other starting points. Substantially easier from an end-user perspective than the (also free) weather converter available on, and it includes some built-in visualizations to perform some simple visual QC and analysis of the weather data before feeding it into an energy simulation.

But yeah if it?s specifically a weather file that is part of the TMY/TMY2/TMY3 weather data sets, you?ll find those already converted and ready for use online. Other sites freely hosting/distributing this kind of info include and

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