Weather File for Energy Model Calibration

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Hi Sudheera,

Could you tell me how you created your custom weather file? And how did you
convert it to the .bin format?. I have not been able to open the .bin files
to look at their formats. But the rebate program we are working on requires
that we use the same weather file as equest for a regression analysis for
model calibration. Thank you.

Nirupama Lakshminarasimhan

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Go to the doe2 website and download the weather processors, and
You need to take an existing .bin file, convert it to a text file
with the .fmt format. View the readme in You can use the eQ_WthProc_EPWtoDOE2bin
program to convert EnergyPlus weather files to .bin format then
convert to .fmt for editing in a spreadsheet. The fmtwth.f file from
the DOE22 weather utliities zip file details the structure of the .fmt file.


>> Christopher Jones, P.Eng.

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Instructions for converting NCDC and EPW to DOE2 .bin files can be found in

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