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Dear all,

Could you please help us find the weather data (.epw , .wea) for Sanaa
Yemen. I couldn't find it on the energy plus website and still haven't
received the file from energyplus support.

One more thing, we are interested in having all weather data files for
the middle-east countries. Could you please suggest how I can get those


Zeina Alwan

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Recently, our group is working on few projects in Taiwan.
Surprisingly, Taipei is the only city listed on the EnergyPlus
Weather Data web site.

Could anyone give us some hints on locating the weather
data files for other cities in Taiwan, like Hsin-chu,
Tai-chung, Tai-nan, and Kao-hsiung?

- Benny K.M. Chow

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Did you try to generate it by "Meteonorm" or some other weather generator
I'm not an expert to say how far the generated weather information can be
reliable. But trough our last experiences we get some good results.
Here is the site:

Good Luck,

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